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Whole body cryotherapy for health spas

Could whole body cryotherapy be the newest treatment on offer at your health spa?

If you run a spa you may be considering investing in a cryotherapy chamber or cryosauna. As the health and wellbeing benefits of cryotherapy become more widely known, more people will expect high quality spas to offer cold therapy treatments.

Whole body cryotherapy is associated with a wide range of health and wellbeing benefits, including:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Sense of wellbeing
  • Enhanced mood
  • Pain relief from conditions such as arthritis or frozen shoulder
  • Better sleep patterns

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CryoQube: the whole body cryotherapy chamber for spas

CryoQube is a revolutionary British-manufactured and designed whole body cryotherapy chamber.

Proven to be the most effective type of cold therapy, whole body cryotherapy involves stepping into a cryotherapy machine for around three minutes.

That means the entire body, including the head, is exposed to extreme cold for a short period of time.

Safe cryotherapy

Setting a new standard for safety in cryotherapy

If you are considering a cryotherapy room for your spa, safety is likely to be your number one concern. It’s ours too.

That is why our British-made whole body cryotherapy chambers are different from many others on the market. CryoQube simply exposes the user to super chilled air, with liquid nitrogen being used to cool the air before it reaches the customer but then safely ducted away. This is known as ‘indirect’ cryotherapy.

Our systems are supplied with safety gas monitors fitted as standard and no hidden extras.

Relaxing pre chamber

Making the comfort of your customers our priority

We know that your customers expect a luxury experience. That is why we’ve considered comfort at every stage, from the attractively-clad interior that is reminiscent of a traditional sauna, to innovative technology that maintains constant communication between user and operator. Our unique system reduces cold air clouds, creating a relaxed environment.

Our cryotherapy units are generously proportioned, offering a high-end Cryotherapy experience. While multiple people can comfortably use CryoQube +, a single user can enjoy even more freedom of movement. Having plenty of space to move around not only creates a more relaxed experience, but can deliver greater health and recovery benefits.


Using technology for a high end experience

CryoQube includes a high quality audio system, so your customer can listen to music of their choice using a Bluetooth connection. Blue lighting creates a calm atmosphere, while a TV screen guides your customer visually through the process, while in continuous contact with the operator. The CryoQube + pre-chamber also allows your customers to disrobe in comfort and acclimatise to a comfortable -20C temperature before entering the super-cooled chamber for their treatment. Every thought has gone into making CryoQube a luxury experience for your customer.

“In our line of business safety is paramount and we are proud to blow our trumpet as the safest cryotherapy centre on the planet, which is all down to David and the team from Quantum.”

Maria Ensabella,
Owner & Founder of LondonCryo


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