A new chapter in Whole body cryotherapy

  • British-designed, manufactured and installed whole body cryotherapy chambers
  • Exposure to nothing but super-chilled air for the safest cryotherapy experience
  • Built on a 40-year heritage in cryogenics
  • Backed by a three-year on-site warranty and in-house, on-site engineering team

CryoQube is a world first: an entirely British-made whole body cryotherapy chamber that sets a new safety standard in cold therapy, with UK based engineers to support you at every stage of your project.

And we should know – with over 40 years’ experience in cryogenics we are a trusted partner to hospitals and universities across the UK.

Whole body cryotherapy is scientifically proven to be the most effective cold therapy treatment, with a range of benefits for elite athletes and health conscious individuals.

Discover how our whole body cryotherapy chambers could give your sports club, spa or health club the edge AND drive profits.


CryoQube sets a new safety standard for whole body cryotherapy. Its revolutionary design means users are simply exposed to super-chilled air and have no contact with liquid nitrogen vapour.

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Setting a new standard for safety in cryotherapy

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Making the comfort of your customers our priority

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The highest quality engineering for a premium experience

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CryoQube is entirely designed and made in Britain

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Ongoing expertise and support from a British team

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Cryotherapy is a highly lucrative and burgeoning industry already popular in the US.

“Quantum were instrumental in getting the facility set up for our cryotherapy business. From the outset they were able to survey the location, advise on equipment and install in the most efficient and professional manner.”

Maria Ensabella, Owner & Founder of LondonCryo


How does it work?

Find out how whole body cryotherapy benefits athletes and health conscious individuals.

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About Us

Your expert team

We are world leaders with a 40-year heritage in the cryogenics industry and an unwavering commitment to safety and quality.

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