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What is Cryotherapy?

Cryotherapy is the use of extreme cold to support health and wellbeing or to improve sports recovery and performance. Sometimes called cold therapy or body freezing therapy, it uses liquid nitrogen to create sub-zero temperatures, of around -130C.

Sports professionals, including many of the world’s leading athletes, know that regular and brief exposure to extreme cold improves performance. Growing numbers of amateur athletes, as well as individuals who want to improve health and wellbeing, are discovering the benefits of cryotherapy. These range from reducing inflammation and treating muscle damage to improving sports endurance, mood and sleep patterns.

At Quantum Cryotherapy, we specialise in whole body cryotherapy, which is proven to be the most effective type of cold therapy. Whole body cryotherapy involves stepping into an enclosed cold therapy chamber so the entire body, including the head, is exposed to extreme cold for a short period of time.

Our whole body cryotherapy chambers are different from many others on the market. The user is simply exposed to pure super-cool air that has been pre-chilled using liquid nitrogen. Nitrogen gas is then safely ducted away.  This removes the safety concerns that many of our customers have about the potential risk of direct nitrogen exposure when using direct cooled saunas. Direct cooled saunas also leave the users head exposed, which can reduce the benefits of the cryotherapy experience.

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What are the benefits of whole body cryotherapy?

With regular use, whole body cryotherapy at -130C is known to:

  • Enhance athletic performance
  • Improve recovery from muscle injury
  • Enhance mood
  • Reduce pain from arthritis
  • Improve sleep patterns

These are just some of the benefits of repeated use of whole body cryotherapy that have been proved through scientific research.

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Is cryotherapy safe?

If cryotherapy is done properly, it is safe.

Concerns have been raised about the potential hazards of liquid nitrogen exposure in many whole body cryotherapy machines. Our whole body cryotherapy chambers are different from many others on the market. CryoQube only exposes the user to super cold air, which has been cooled first using liquid nitrogen. This is known as ‘indirect’ cryotherapy.

It is important for anyone operating a cryotherapy chamber to be professionally trained. As a Quantum Cryotherapy customer you will not only receive on-site training from our British-based engineering team, but will also benefit from accredited training on safe handling of cryogenic liquids from our trusted partners.

While cryotherapy is ideally suited to many people, pregnant women and people with severe high blood pressure or heart conditions should not undergo cryotherapy treatment.

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How does whole body cryotherapy work?

Whole body cryotherapy exposes the user to sub-zero temperatures. In whole body cryotherapy, the user stands inside an insulated chamber, so their entire body, including the head, is exposed to temperatures of around -130C.

There are other forms of cryotherapy, including cryosaunas, where users stand in a pod with their body directly exposed to cold nitrogen gas and their head exposed at the top. Highly targeted, localised cryotherapy is also used in medical treatments for conditions, for example to freeze off cancerous cells.

Subjecting the human body to these extremely cold temperatures cools the skin to around 15 degrees Celsius. When exposed to extreme cold, skin receptors send signals to the brain which sets off a range of responses. These reactions include constriction of the blood vessels at the surface of your skin in order to preserve temperature in your core organs which reduces pain, inflammation and free radicals near to the skin surface. The process also releases endorphins, which provides a sense of wellbeing and pain relief. Once the user steps out into a warm environment core blood rushes to the surface again and delivers a range of health and wellbeing benefits.

How long does it take for whole body cryotherapy to work?

A cryotherapy user will only spend a short time inside the chamber, usually around two to three minutes. Users of CryoQube spend three minutes at temperatures of -130C. Many people report a great sense of wellbeing after just one cold therapy treatment. However, regular use is needed to enjoy the many longer term performance, health and wellbeing benefits of cryotherapy.

“In our line of business safety is paramount and we are proud to blow our trumpet as the safest cryotherapy centre on the planet, which is all down to David and the team from Quantum.”

Maria Ensabella,
Owner & Founder of LondonCryo

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